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Welcome to our informative blog on the highly anticipated JEE Mains 2024! In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information about the upcoming JEE Mains exam, including the exam date, syllabus, exam pattern, preparation tips, registration process, eligibility criteria, and question paper format. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to excel in this prestigious engineering entrance exam. So, join us as we explore all about JEE Mains 2024 and take a step closer to achieving your dreams of a successful engineering career. Let's dive right in!

JEE Mains 2024 Exam Date 🗓️

Mark your calendars! The JEE Main 2024 exam date has been announced, and it is scheduled to take place on [insert exam date]. This crucial information allows aspiring engineers like you to plan your preparation strategy and allocate sufficient time for each subject. Remember, proper time management is the key to success in any endeavor! ⏰

JEE Mains 2024 Important Dates:

Events Important Dates 2024 (Tentative)
Session 1 Session 2
Release of Notification 1st March 2024
Starting of Registration 1st March 2024
End of registration 5th April 2024
Last date of fee payment 5th April 2024
Application Correction 6th to 8th April 2024
Registration re-opened 18th to 25th April 2024
Release of Admit card 21st June 2024
JEE Main 2024 Exam 1st Session - 23rd to 29th June 2024
2nd Session - 25th to 30th July 2024
Display of Answer key 2nd July 2024
Declaration of Result 11th July 2024
Counseling process starts August 2024

JEE Mains 2024 Eligibility Criteria

Along with the release of the IIT JEE notification, the National Testing Agency (NTA) will also announce the JEE Main eligibility criteria for the year 2024. These criteria are essential for determining a candidate's eligibility for admission through JEE Main. Let's take a look at the JEE Main 2024 eligibility criteria based on previous years' notifications.
  1. Age Limit: There is no age limit specified for appearing in JEE Main 2024.
  2. Qualifying Examination: Candidates must have passed the 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board.
  3. Year of Passing the Qualifying Examination: Candidates who have passed the 10+2 or equivalent examination in 2022, 2023, or are appearing for it in 2024 will be eligible for JEE Main 2024.
  4. Number of Subjects in the Qualifying Exam: Candidates should have qualified in five subjects, including Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry/Biology/Biotechnology/Technical Vocational Subject, and any other subject.

Admission Criteria for IITs, NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs:

For B.Tech/B.Arch/B.Plan admissions:

- Candidates should have a minimum of 75% marks (65% for SC/ST category candidates) in the qualifying examination or should fall within the top 20 percentile of their respective boards.

For B.Arch admission in institutes other than IITs, NITs, and CFTIs:

- Candidates should have 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in 10+2 or equivalent. 75 Percent Criteria for JEE Main 2024: NTA reintroduced the 75 percent marks eligibility criteria in JEE Main last year. Candidates seeking admission to their desired institutes must have a minimum of 75% marks in their class 12th examination. For candidates belonging to the SC/ST category, the minimum requirement is 65%. Failure to meet the 75 percent criteria will result in disqualification, and candidates will not be offered admission to institutes, including IITs, NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs. Please note that these eligibility criteria are based on previous years' notifications, and it is important to refer to the official JEE Main 2024 notification for the most accurate and up-to-date information on eligibility requirements.

JEE Mains 2024 Syllabus:

JEE Main 2024 Syllabus is divided into two sections: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Let's explore the syllabus for each section:

JEE Mains Paper 1 Syllabus:

Mathematics Physics Chemistry
Sets, Relations, and Functions Physics and Measurement Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry
Mathematical Induction Kinematics States of Matter
Binomial Theorem and its Simple Applications Laws of Motion Atomic Structure
Sequences and Series Work, Energy, and Power Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Limit, Continuity, and Differentiability Rotational Motion Chemical Thermodynamics
Integral Calculus Gravitation Solutions
Differential Equations Properties of Solids and Liquids Equilibrium
Coordinate Geometry Thermodynamics Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
Three Dimensional Geometry Kinetic Theory of Gases Chemical Kinetics
Vector Algebra Oscillations and Waves Surface Chemistry
Statistics and Probability Electrostatics Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Trigonometry Current Electricity General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals
Mathematical Reasoning Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism Hydrogen
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents S-Block Elements
Electromagnetic Waves P-Block Elements
Optics D- and F-Block Elements
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Co-ordination Compounds
Atoms and Nuclei Environmental Chemistry
Electronic Devices Purification and Characterization of Organic Compounds
Communication Systems Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Principles Related to Practical Chemistry

JEE Mains Paper 2 Syllabus:

Part I: Awareness of persons, places, Buildings, Materials, Visualizing three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional drawings, Visualizing, Analytical Reasoning, Mental Ability (Visual, Numerical, and Verbal), and more. Part II: Understanding and appreciation of scale and proportion of objects, building forms and elements, color texture, harmony, and contrast, transformation of forms in both 2D and 3D union, creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms, and more. It is important to note that the syllabus may undergo revisions or updates, so candidates are advised to refer to the official JEE Main 2024 notification and the syllabus provided by the exam conducting authority for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

JEE Mains 2024 Exam Pattern:

To prepare effectively for JEE Main 2024, it's important to know the exam details. Here's a simple breakdown of the JEE Main 2024 exam pattern:
  1. Exam Mode: JEE Main is an online computer-based test, but Paper 2 (for B.Arch and B.Plan) includes a drawing test done with pen and paper.
  2. Papers: There are two papers in JEE Main 2024. Paper 1 is for B.E/B.Tech, and Paper 2 is for B.Arch and B.Plan.
  3. Time Limit: You'll have 3 hours to complete the exam. However, if you're in the PWD category, you get an extra hour.
  4. Question Types: Most questions are multiple-choice (pick the right answer). However, Paper 2 has a drawing paper where you have to draw or sketch.
  5. Languages: You can take the exam in various languages, including Hindi, English, and many regional languages.
  6. Total Questions: Paper 1 (B.E/B.Tech) has 90 questions. Paper 2A (B.Arch) has 82 questions, and Paper 2B (B.Plan) has 105 questions.
  7. Scoring: Paper 1 (B.E/B.Tech) is out of 300 marks. Paper 2A (B.Arch) and Paper 2B (B.Plan) are both out of 400 marks.
Remember, you get 4 marks for a correct answer, but you lose 1 mark for a wrong answer (except in Section B of Paper 2, where there's no negative marking). Understanding the exam pattern helps you plan your study strategy and perform well in the JEE Main 2024 exam.

JEE Mains 2024 Answer Key:

Once the JEE Main 2024 examination is concluded, the answer key will be made available on the official website. It is anticipated that the answer key will be published in the final week of April 2024. The answer key will contain the OMR sheet images. If candidates are dissatisfied with the provided answers, they will have the opportunity to challenge them. To access the answer key, candidates must input their application number and password. After downloading it, candidates can verify the accuracy of the answers to the questions and calculate their estimated scores. To challenge the answer key, candidates are required to submit an online application and pay a fee of Rs. 1000/- per question. The payment can be made using a debit/credit card.

JEE Mains 2024 Result:

The JEE Main 2024 result will be announced on the official website in an online mode. It is a highly anticipated moment for candidates as it provides them with crucial information about their performance in the examination. The result will display the scores obtained by the candidates in each subject, as well as their overall scores. Additionally, the result will reveal the All India rank (AIR) secured by the candidates. The rank list for JEE Main 2024 will be prepared based on the marks obtained by the candidates in the examination. Separate rank lists will be released for Paper 1 (B.E/B.Tech) and Paper 2 (B.Arch/B.Plan). The rank lists will determine the status of the candidates and their eligibility for further admission processes.

JEE Mains 2024 Scorecard:

The JEE Main 2024 scorecard is an important document that provides comprehensive information about the candidate's performance in the examination. It contains details such as the candidate's name, roll number, parent's name, category, state code of eligibility, marks obtained in each subject, the total marks obtained, All India rank, category-wise rank, and qualifying status. Candidates can download their JEE Main scorecards from the official website. It is advisable to keep the scorecard safe as it will be required during the counseling and admission processes. The scorecard serves as proof of the candidate's performance and eligibility for further stages of admission.

JEE Mains Rank List 2024:

The JEE Main 2024 rank list, prepared by the National Testing Agency (NTA), is a crucial tool for students looking to get into engineering colleges. Here's a simplified explanation:
  1. Rank List Publication: After the JEE Main results are out, NTA will publish the rank list. This list is vital for candidates who want to get into engineering colleges.
  2. How It's Made: The rank list is based on the marks students get in the JEE Main exam. They calculate a percentile score using a method that considers how hard the exam was and how everyone did. The rank list shows your All India rank (AIR) and your category rank.
  3. Know Your Position: When you check the rank list, you can see where you stand compared to other test-takers. It helps you figure out your chances of getting into the engineering courses and colleges you want.
  4. Counseling Basis: The rank list is crucial for the next step, which is counseling. During counseling, you'll get seats in colleges based on your rank and what you prefer.
In a nutshell, the JEE Main 2024 result, scorecard, and rank list are essential to understanding your performance and eligibility for engineering colleges. Keep an eye on the official website for updates on results and the rank list.

JEE Mains 2024 Preparation Tips:

Here are some simplified and easy-to-read preparation tips for JEE Main 2024 candidates:
  1. Know Your Syllabus and Exam Pattern: Before you start, make sure you understand what's in the JEE Main syllabus and how the exam is structured. This will help you know what to study.
  2. Start with NCERT Books: Many experts recommend beginning with NCERT books. They provide a strong foundation. First, go through the NCERT books for Class 11 and 12, and then use extra materials for a deeper understanding.
  3. Improve Speed and Time Management: Work on getting faster at solving problems. Use a timer while practicing JEE Main questions and sample papers. Timing yourself during practice tests will help you get used to the real exam pace.
  4. Create a Study Plan: Make a study plan that helps you cover the JEE Main 2024 syllabus effectively. Divide your study time into smaller sessions, making sure you cover all topics. Stick to your schedule to stay consistent and disciplined.
  5. Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is crucial. Solve various practice questions, go through past years' papers, and take mock tests. This will familiarize you with the exam format and enhance your problem-solving skills. Learn from your mistakes to avoid repeating them.
  6. Get Help When Needed: If you find difficult topics or have questions, don't hesitate to ask for help. Reach out to teachers, mentors, or online resources. Join study groups or forums to discuss and clarify concepts.
Remember, your success in JEE Main 2024 depends on your dedication, consistent effort, and a positive attitude. Stay motivated, take care of yourself, and believe in your abilities. With the right preparation strategies, you can achieve your goals. Best of luck!


The JEE Main 2024 examination plays a significant role in the pursuit of engineering careers. It is essential for candidates to stay informed about the exam dates, syllabus, and eligibility criteria to plan their preparation effectively. By understanding the exam pattern, focusing on conceptual understanding, and practicing regularly, candidates can increase their chances of success. The availability of answer keys, results, and rank lists provides valuable insights into performance and eligibility for further admission processes. With dedication, hard work, and strategic preparation, candidates can strive towards achieving their goals and securing admission to their desired engineering courses. Good luck to all aspiring engineers in their JEE Main 2024 journey!   For Best IIT JEE Coaching in Chandigarh, contact Zetta Career Institute. Proven Results. Best Faculty. No.1 Institute in Chandigarh for XI-IIT JEE, XII-IIT JEE, Dropper's Batch, Crash Courses, Test Series Batches for IIT JEE.

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