How much percentage is required for IIT?

Image displaying the minimum percentage required for admission to IITs.
Are you aspiring to join one of India's prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs)? You're not alone in this dream. IITs are renowned for their exceptional engineering programs, and securing a spot in one is a remarkable achievement. However, the journey to IIT is highly competitive and requires meeting specific academic criteria. One crucial factor is your performance in the Class 12 board exams or its equivalent. In this guide, we will delve into the percentage requirements for IIT admissions and provide insights to help you navigate this essential aspect of your IIT journey. So, let's explore the academic path to your IIT dream!

Understanding the IIT Admissions Process:

IITs offer various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering and technology. To secure a place in one of these programs, you must first pass the highly competitive entrance examination, JEE (Joint Entrance Examination). This examination has two phases: JEE Main and JEE Advanced.
  1. JEE Main: JEE Main is the initial stage of the examination. It is the gateway to various prestigious engineering institutions, including NITs and IIITs. To qualify for JEE Advanced, you need to perform well in JEE Main. The specific percentage required for JEE Main can vary from year to year based on the examination's difficulty level.
  2. JEE Advanced: JEE Advanced is the second stage and is exclusively for admission to IITs. To be eligible for JEE Advanced, you must fall within the top 2,50,000 rank holders of JEE Main. Your percentage in the Class 12 board exam plays a crucial role in achieving this rank.

The Class 12 Percentage Requirement:

In order to qualify for JEE Advanced, certain criteria must be met pertaining to your performance in the Class 12 board examination or its equivalent:
  • General Category: Candidates belonging to the general category must secure a minimum of 75% aggregate marks in their Class 12 board exams. The subjects required to be included in this percentage are Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Moreover, they should be among the top 20 percentile in their respective boards.
  • SC/ST Category: The minimum aggregate percentage for SC/ST category candidates is 65% in the Class 12 board exams, with the same subject requirements as the general category students. They should also be among the top 20 percentile in their boards.
It's important to note that the top 20 percentile criterion implies that you must perform better than 80% of the students in your board to be eligible for JEE Advanced. This percentage requirement ensures that students from various boards and regions have an equal chance to qualify. The Role of Board Exams: Class 12 board exams are critical in determining your eligibility for IITs. Your performance in these exams significantly influences your chances of securing a seat. Apart from being an eligibility criterion, your board exam scores can impact your JEE Main rank and overall admission process.


The percentage required for IIT admissions is stringent but varies based on your category and the specific year's criteria. Achieving the required percentage in your Class 12 board exams is a vital step toward your dream of studying at an IIT. Success in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations also depends on your academic excellence. Therefore, aspiring IIT candidates must focus on their board exams and prepare rigorously to meet these eligibility criteria. While academic excellence is crucial, determination and hard work are equally important on your path to IIT success. For Best IIT JEE Coaching in Chandigarh, contact Zetta Career Institute. Proven Results. Best Faculty. No.1 Institute in Chandigarh for XI-IIT JEE, XII-IIT JEE, Dropper's Batch, Crash Courses, Test Series Batches for IIT JEE.

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