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IIT JEE Mathematics Preparation Tips

Utilize our advice to ace the IIT JEE Mathematics challenge. Don’t be scared of Mathematics; it’s essential for JEE success. To make it simpler, we’ve assembled excellent tips and suggestions. Don’t allow fear to hold you back; approach maths with confidence instead! Build a solid foundation, practice often, and take on obstacles with our help. Make Mathematics your best friend as we commence on the path to IIT success. 🏅 

Understanding the Syllabus Well:📚🔍

To excel in the IIT JEE Mathematics Exam, a solid grasp of the syllabus is paramount. Let’s dive into the key units that form the backbone of the Mathematics section:


🧮 Unit 1: Sets, Relations, and Functions

Learn about sets and their representations, set operations, and types of relations. Study functions like one-one, onto, and composite functions.

🔢 Unit 2: Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Complex numbers as ordered pairs, their algebraic properties, and Argand diagrams. Study quadratic equations in real and complex number systems.

📜 Unit 3: Matrices and Determinants

Matrices, determinants, and their properties. Solve simultaneous linear equations using determinants and matrices.

 🔢 Unit 4: Permutations and Combinations

Understand the fundamental principle of counting and the meaning of permutations and combinations.

🔍 Unit 5: Mathematical Inductions

Master the principle of mathematical induction and its applications.

🔢 Unit 6: Binomial Theorem and Its Applications

 Dive into the binomial theorem for positive integral indices and its properties.

 ➰ Unit 7: Sequence and Series

 Arithmetic and geometric progressions, mean insertions, and special series.

 📈 Unit 8: Limit, Continuity, and Differentiability

Real-valued functions, limits, continuity, and differentiability. Work with derivatives and their applications.

 ➗ Unit 9: Integral Calculus

 Study fundamental integrals involving various functions, techniques of integration, and evaluation of definite integrals.

 📈 Unit 10: Differential Equations

 Ordinary differential equations, their formation, and methods of solving.

 🔍 Unit 11: Coordinate Geometry

 Cartesian coordinates, equations of lines, circles, and conic sections.

 ⚙️ Unit 12: Three-Dimensional Geometry

 Learn about coordinates in space, the distance between points, equations of lines and planes, and vector algebra.

 📐 Unit 13: Vector Algebra

 Vectors, scalar, and vector products, and triple products.

 📊 Unit 14: Statistics and Probability

 Calculate measures of discretion, probability of events, and probability distributions.

 📐 Unit 15: Trigonometry

 Trigonometrical identities, functions, and inverse functions.

 🔍 Unit 16: Mathematical Reasoning

 Logical operations, statements, and reasoning techniques.

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Once you have a good understanding of the IIT JEE maths syllabus, it’s now time to build your concepts.

Building Solid Conceptual Understanding

Begin by creating a math foundation that is rock-solid and will position you for success.

Your maths preparation requires a solid foundation of fundamental ideas, just like building a strong structure. Take your time and carefully consider each subject; don’t rush. Even the most difficult subjects will be easy for you to understand with a little patience and persistence.

Start with the fundamentals before gradually moving on to more complex ideas like hyperbola and the binomial theorem. But keep in mind that reading about the topics isn’t enough. Until you understand the fundamental concepts that cause every one of them, engage in problem-solving.


A Key Skill is Time Management

To maximize your study sessions, be careful to strike a balance between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Spend roughly 90 minutes completing all the questions in each part to ensure you meet the deadline and earn a respectable score. Calculating quickly enables you to respond to inquiries with accuracy and ease, which is an important skill. Recall that mastery and success on the JEE test require a lot of practice. Prepare yourself, hone your abilities, and achieve success in all fundamental areas! 💪🌟


Concentrate on the subjects you’re familiar with well.🌟 

Determine the subjects that you are an expert in and concentrate on those. Study the foundational topics by thoroughly memorizing key formulas and concepts. Establishing a solid foundation in these key areas will give you the confidence you need to answer related questions on the exam. While it’s important to cover every topic, focusing on your advantages will improve your performance as a whole and improve your chances of getting good marks. You’ll be more prepared to perform well on the JEE test if you have a targeted strategy and an in-depth knowledge of key ideas. So, let your strengths lead you to success on the exam! 

IIT JEE Mathematics Preparation Tips- Zetta Career Institute


Please note that this data is according to the previously held examinations. Candidates should always check the official website regularly for fresh updates.

Exam Details

JEE Main  Mathematics

Type of Questions

MCQs and Non-MCQ (Numeric Value)

Total Number of Questions

30 (20 MCQs, 10 Non-MCQs with numeric value)

Marking Scheme

+4 Marks for Correct Answers (MCQs and Non-MCQs) <br> -1 Mark for Incorrect Answers (MCQs only)

Total Marks

100 (Mathematics Section) <br> 300 (Overall JEE Main B.Tech Paper)

Time Duration

3 hours for all 3 sections (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) <br> 4 hours for candidates with 40% disability

Language of Paper

Hindi, English, and Gujarati (Candidates can choose English or Hindi, while Gujarati is only available for Gujarat, Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli candidates)

Number of Sections

3 (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics)

Marking Scheme Details:

Marking Scheme Details


Type of Question

Negative Marking for Wrong Answer


-1 Mark

Numeric Value Questions

No Negative Marking


Nature of Questions


Multiple Choice Questions

Candidates choose one correct answer from 4 options

Numeric Value or Non-MCQs

Candidates enter an integer or decimal value as the answer

Shortcut Method Questions

Some questions may have shortcut methods that require practice and knowledge of tricks

Formula Based Questions

Certain questions directly rely on applying formulas for quick and accurate solutions

Keys to Success in IIT JEE Mathematics

A wise man once observed that “a good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love for learning.” Be selective when picking your maths teachers because they have a significant impact on how well you understand the topic. Look for tutors who are good at explaining difficult concepts and inspiring you to succeed.

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  • Self-study and constant practice are essential for overcoming the obstacles of JEE Mathematics. While attending classes is important, personal study time is the key to becoming an expert in the field.
  • Use study materials, textbooks, and online resources to further your understanding.
  • Take thorough notes for final revision.
  • Making a unique maths dictionary with formulas and flashcards makes it easier to quickly reference material while preparing.
  • Your confidence and problem-solving skills will both grow with regular practice.
  • Don’t be afraid to take on various issues to strengthen weaker areas.
  • Additionally, completing past years’ exam questions will help you comprehend the format of the test and hone your time management abilities.
  • To overcome exam anxiety and prepare for success in IIT JEE Mathematics, utilize the power of self-study and ongoing practice.
  • Best Books for IIT- JEE mathematics are-
    1.  Skills In Mathematics by Arihant Publications

    2. Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma
    3. Plane Trigonometry by S L Loney


The 1-Hour Rule ⏳🕐:

Use the 1-Hour Rule to prevent stress. Set aside one hour for intense study sessions with brief breaks in between. This method maximizes retention while keeping your mind active. Keep in mind that success requires consistency.


Clear Backlogs Now📛🚫:

Procrastination shouldn’t get in the way of your success. To avoid building up backlogs, start your preparation early. Adopt a proactive stance by thoroughly covering all topics, effectively revising, and raising your confidence. Keep one step ahead of the competition!


A smart and balanced approach is required to succeed in the IIT JEE Mathematics section. Make self-study and ongoing practice a priority to improve your comprehension and problem-solving abilities. Focus on key concepts, memorize formulas, and use specialized study aids, such as a Maths dictionary, for efficient revision. The key to passing an exam is to overcome test anxiety by becoming an expert at quick computations and remaining calm under pressure. To avoid backlogs and maximize your preparation time, get started early. Keep in mind that using effective study methods, dedication, and perseverance will help you succeed in the JEE Main Mathematics exam. You can succeed in this academic endeavor if you put up the effort and desire necessary to reach your goals. Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sure, you can compose the FAQ section as follows:

Do you also provide coaching for IIT-JEE in Ambala?

A: Currently, we do not offer IIT-JEE coaching services in Ambala. However, the city boasts several top-tier IIT JEE coaching institutions in ambala that specialize in IIT-JEE preparation. Among these, Paathshala Coaching (Ambala Cantt.) and Aakash Byju are considered among the best in the region for IIT-JEE coaching. We recommend exploring these alternatives if you’re seeking specialized IIT-JEE training in Ambala.


As per previous trends, the difficulty level of the JEE Main Mathematics section can vary. It is essential to prepare diligently and cover all topics to handle any level of complexity effectively.

Focus on building a strong foundation in Mathematics by understanding the concepts thoroughly. Regularly practice a wide range of questions from different topics to enhance problem-solving abilities and speed.

For Mathematics, books like R.D. Sharma for Class XI & XII, Plane Trigonometry by S.L. Loney, Co-ordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney, Higher Algebra by Hall Knight, and Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron are considered beneficial for JEE Main 2024 preparation.

While NCERT books are excellent for building fundamental concepts, it is recommended to supplement them with additional reference books that offer more challenging practice questions and in-depth explanations.

Time management is crucial during the JEE Main exam. Allocate sufficient time for each section, including Mathematics, and attempt the questions you are confident about first. Don’t get stuck on difficult problems; move on and come back to them later if time permits. Stay calm and focused throughout the exam.