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Plus One & Plus Two Batch | Zetta Career Institute

  • Syllabus and Competition Batch for Medical students for (AIIMS, NEET)

  • Syllabus and Competition Batch for Non-medical students for JEE (Main & Advanced)


Course Details

Commencement2nd or 3rd Week of April
EligibilityClass X Pass
Duration2 year

Course Description

This is the best course for students who wish to become a Doctor or Engineer. The course also builds a sound base for Class XI School exams.

The course is divided into 2 Academic Sessions.

Academic Session – 1

(The session start in 2nd or 3rd week of April /2nd week of May for different batches)

The session covers the entire syllabus of +1 class on the board exam and competition exam pattern. The entire course is supplemented with complete study material in the form of Notes / Booklets / Assignments / DPPS.

The entire syllabus and competition part will be completed by 10th February & Students are let off till 3rd – 4th Week of March for their final exam.

Academic Session – 2

 The syllabus of class XII is completed by Nov 10th.

 After completion of XII syllabus revision of entire +1/+2 syllabus is conducted through test series. Revision Lectures will be provided for complicated topics of +1 & +2. If a student seek any other revision class on any extra topics beyond the presented schedule his needs will be fulfilled accordingly.

 The entire course is supplemented with complete study material in the form of Notes/Booklets/Assignments/DPPS.

 Additional Advantages: The students can join any crash course or test series at the Institute free of cost.